Understanding Recycled Plastics – The Recycling Symbols and Numbers

Vinyl is a material that’s getting increasingly more prevalent in our society every day. It’s cheap to make, easy to mould into just about any form, may be soft or hard and provides an outstanding lifespan.

I Thought We Recycled All Our Used Plastic

While the yearly plastic resin manufacturing in America has been rising since the 1970s, in the previous twenty years plastic manufacturing has skyrocketed, only 3 to 5% of plastics are in fact recycled.

The Issue with Recycling Plastic

At least PET, commonly utilized in soda bottles, also HDPE, commonly utilized in milk jugs, provide some kind of real recyclable price. To get more info about PVC recycling you can refer to the source: Recycling of PVC wastes

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Does Not Vinyl Finally Biodegrade?

When plastic photodegrades it divides to smaller and smaller pieces of vinyl rather than dividing into simpler substances. In our oceans that the tiny pieces of plastic made through photodegradation are in fact referred to as mermaid tears or nurdles.

Managing our Plastic Addiction

With fresh plastic being churned out at an estimated speed of 328 million pounds every day by 2010 – it looks to be an overpowering dependence.

How can we handle this dependence? As customers, we could actively pick products in glass and paper packaging and we could opt not to buy over-packaged items – that in turn will induce manufacturers to produce changes.