Important Points To Consider Before You Teach English Abroad

Before teaching English in a country other than your home country, it would be helpful to think carefully about the following points.

Being a native English language speaker isn’t sufficient in itself. Being able to speak English does not necessarily mean that you can teach the language effectively.

Teaching a language, any language, is a skill that takes time to acquire and starting off with a well prepared training course is important.

You may take a TESOL course or a TEFL course; it does not matter which one. Both courses cover the exact areas and both are accepted by employers all over the world.

TESOL is becoming a more popular title these days as the word ‘foreign’ doesn’t necessarily seem very appropriate.

There are well designed, professionally delivered face-to-face courses and you will find well designed, professionally delivered online/distance classes.  Check out online websites for  Sample Schedule & Teaching Practice for teaching course In  Italy .

Similarly there are poorly taught face-to-face courses and badly designed and delivered online/distance courses.

 Dates and prices of the TEFL International TESOL certification course in Florence Italy defining feature of a training programme is not whether it is a face-to-face course or an online/distance class but how well it is designed and delivered.

A fulltime taught course should be about one month, or about 150 hours if by distance learning. Short face-to-face courses are frequently a waste of money (weekend; one week etc); an online/distance course of less than 100 hours is also unlikely to be adequate or to be accepted by employers.

 Select your course with care. Look carefully at each supplier’s website

Choosing a course provider is hard for someone new to the area of TESOL / TEFL as there is tons of information on the Internet. When you look at the website of any class provider ask yourself a few questions.

– Do I like the appearance of this website? Does it seem like a flash commercial company or a genuine training firm? Is the site awash with offers and discounts?

What classes are they offering?

– Are there a few classes clearly laid out or are there a confusing jumble of lessons on the website (100 hours; 110 hours; 120 hours; 140 hours etc)?

– Does the site offer weekend courses? Would I employ an electrician with a weekend of training?

Do they all seem genuine? Are the courses really going to be recognised worldwide? Can they really guarantee me a fantastic job?

– Am I likely to get a good training course if it is discounted to 25 percent of the normal price?

– Are the courses accredited by an independent professional body?


How can someone new to the area of TESOL / TEFL be reassured about the quality of a training programme? This is where independent, professional certification is crucial. When considering which course to do, look carefully to see if the training course you are interested in is accredited by an independent, professional body.