Turmeric and Its Ultra-Powerful Active Ingredient Curcumin

Many dog owners have heard of turmeric and are aware of its benefits. However, not many know that it’s actually the active ingredient curcumin that gives turmeric its healing benefits. Curcumin is the ultra-powerful active compound in turmeric. It actually only consists of less than 10% of turmeric’s total powder weight. Curcumin, is the active ingredient that makes turmeric such a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement. Turmeric can be used to treat arthritis in dogs.

It’s also useful to know, that turmeric can be consumed by your dog in its raw form. The raw turmeric root is an excellent source of curcumin and can be fed directly to your dog.  Dogs love raw turmeric because it’s fun for them to chew on. However, turmeric is not a toy and must be dosed correctly. If your dog consumes too much turmeric without enough water she might get constipated. That’s why it’s important to supply your dog plenty of water to keep him hydrated.  Turmeric is also an excellence treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.

The dosage of turmeric is approximately a quarter of a tablespoon for every 7 to 10 pounds of your dog’s weight. If you worried about measuring the correct dosage you can Always purchase turmeric for dog capsules at your local pet Store. This will ensure that you give the correct dosage each and every time. To read more about turmeric and how is effects dogs, please click here.