Burning Man Rving Tips

Burning up Man RV camping can be an adventure unlike some other. It is special but may be stressful. In the end, you are in a desert! We’ve compiled a few tips from experienced Burning up Man RVers that will help you with your trips. You can also consult for RV rentals in San Diego through rvfunrental.com/.

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Solar electricity is an excellent way to control your batteries. Obviously, when you are renting an RV, then you cannot move unmanned solar panels on the roof. Either try to find a rental that is already equipped, or utilize a mobile solar panel which it is possible to set up in your campsite.

The playa becomes dusty! As you’re renting an RV, you wish to be certain to return it clean and free of dust. Dust can lead to damage to the RV indoors and outside, so you won’t receive your security deposit. You are able to seal switches and cracks with painter’s tape to reduce dust buildup.

Be cautious of how you place your RV at the end. The Burning Man site urges you park your RV on the border of their campsites, in order to act as a wind barrier for individuals camping in tents. They will be thankful for this. Always keep your eye on your awnings and retract them once you depart from your website.

Among the most important ideas is to save your water! Burning Man is the greatest evaluation of boondocking skills. Do-it-yourself RV has a lot of strategies for conserving water whilst still remaining clean. Also, bear in mind that ditching your tanks is illegal on the playa and RV support is costly, so try using the campground bathrooms as far as you can.